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Connecting to and setting up Xero Practice Manager (XPM)
Connecting to and setting up Xero Practice Manager (XPM)
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Ignition can be connected with Xero Practice Manager to sync your client data, automatically create new jobs and push across updated client information.

Steps to connect to Xero Practice Manager

Step 1 - In XPM, authorise 3rd party applications

  • As an XPM administrator, log into XPM and go to the user list
    (Business → Settings → Staff)

  • Then, select an account administrator profile.

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the user profile and tick the checkbox next to Authorise 3rd Party Full Access and click Save once done.

Step 2: Authorise XPM in your Ignition account

  • As an Ignition administrator, log into Ignition and click on Apps → XPM tile.

  • In the slider that appears, click Connect your account

  • Then, click Allow access

App settings

Once enabled make sure to review your App settings which allow you to customise your client sync settings and map XPM job templates to Ignition services

Client sync

Ignition supports a one-way sync of client data either From Xero Practice Manager or To Xero Practice Manager.

For more info on client sync settings, check out this article.

Work templates

Ignition makes it possible to link your services to your custom Job Templates in XPM, making job deployment and management so much easier.

For more info on work template settings, check out this article.

Sync and Re-link

Ignition performs a daily sync for active accounts where someone has signed in, in the past 24 hours.

This pushes data from Xero Practice Manager into Ignition. However if you make a change to the client/job data in Xero Practice Manager that you want to sync to Ignition right away, you can press the Sync button to push through an instant sync.

Please note that the sync can take up to 30 minutes depending on the amount of data you have in Xero Practice Manager.

If you don't need to connect to Xero Practice Manager right now or have already done so, you are ready to turn on your Payments.

Mapping team members in Ignition

If you are connecting XPM to Ignition, we highly recommend that you add all of your team members in both systems and link them.

Why connect your team members?

Connecting your team members in both systems means that you can leverage efficiencies of the integration - such as:

  • Allocating a Manager/Partner to a client record from both systems

  • Assigning a Manger/Partner and staff members to a job

Do all users need Ignition access?

If your team members need to be assigned to jobs, but don’t need access to Ignition - you can still set them up as a user without giving them access to your account.

Client mapping and re-mapping

If your client records are not mapped correctly between both systems, you can remap the records through Ignition.

To change which client in XPM that your client in Ignition is mapped to, just navigate into the specific client → Edit Client.

From here click on the Apps tab, and click on the XPM drop down. Here you can search the client name to select the right record to map.

What if I have two clients with the same name in XPM?

Each record will also have a unique ID referenced in the drop down (see image above).

To find the XPM ID on a record, you can check the URL when viewing the client in XPM and then re-map the correct one accordingly.


Why do I see this screen below when re-connecting XPM in Ignition?

You will see this screen if you have not enabled third party access in your XPM account. Follow step one above and then try again to re-connect XPM in Ignition (Step 2 above).

What if the 'authorise 3rd party access' box is already ticked in XPM?

Check if someone hasn’t recently enabled this for you (any XPM account admin can do this). If you try to re-connect to XPM in Ignition and see the above, try to untick and tick again in XPM.

What if I see a different error to the above when trying to re-connect XPM in Ignition?

Xero may show other errors when trying to connect in Ignition. This unfortunately cannot be controlled by Ignition and you will need to follow the steps indicated by Xero in the error message.

Some examples of other errors you may receive:

  1. You haven't accessed Xero before from your current location and need to confirm your access with Xero

  2. You don't have administrator access to XPM and need an administrator to complete the action

  3. You have more than the allowed number of apps connected to XPM

Please take a screenshot of the error and follow the error message instructions. If you continue to have problems, you may need to contact Xero support.

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