Adding a form to the proposal acceptance email

Insert a link to your client intake form within your proposal acceptance email to automate your new client onboarding!

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It's great when a new client accepts their first proposal, but wouldn't it be great if you could get additional details from them without having to do it manually?

By using form software (Google Form, Typeform...etc), you can insert a link to a client intake form within your proposal acceptance message/email so your client can provide more information about themselves without any manual processes!

How does it look?

Below is a sample acceptance message with a link to the form:

How do I set it up?

Please note: As a prerequisite, you'll need to have set up your forms through your form software of choice (Google Form, Typeform...etc) and retrieve your unique form URL.

1. Navigate to your Templates β†’ Message.

2. Click on the Next steps β†’ Proposal accepted on screen message.

3. Here, you'll be able to type a message that you would like your clients to see after they successfully accept your proposal.

This is where you can insert a quick link to a client form to collect further details.

Highlight the sentence or text you want to use as the link and use the URL tool to insert the link to your form!

4. Click on Save and you're done!

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