It's great when a new client accepts their first proposal. But wouldn't it be awesome if you could get additional details from them without having to do it yourself?

Ignition allows you to put a hyperlink to a Google form or Typeform on your acceptance message so your client can provide more information about themselves.

How does it look like?

Below is a sample acceptance message with a link to the form:

How do I set it up?

1. Open the Library → Notifications tab on the left menu

2. Click on the Proposal accepted email template.

3. Here, you'll be able to type a message that you would like your clients to see after they successfully accept your proposal.

This is where you can insert a quick link to a client form to collect further details.

To insert a hyperlink, wrap the text with quotation marks (") and immediately follow it with a colon (:) and the link.

Example below:

Here's a "link to Ignition":

Which will display as:

Check out this article to learn more about the Template Editor and Formatting Help.

4. Click on 'Save Template' and you're done!

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