Creating proposals in bulk (Classic Proposals)

If you have over 30 clients who are receiving the same or similar proposals, take advantage of our bulk proposal creation service!

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Please note the following article refers to our Classic Proposal Editor.
For creating proposals in bulk in our New Proposal Editor, please click here.

When you have multiple clients that are going to be receiving the same service or very similar services, the easiest way is to simply duplicate a proposal and assign a new client. 

But what if you have hundreds or thousands of clients which you need to engage with Ignition? 

Not to worry, there is a service we provide for creating proposals in bulk so that you don't have to create them one at time for each client!

Read on and watch these short videos below on how to do this in our Classic Proposal Editor and click here for instructions in our New Proposal Editor.

1 - Introduction to creating proposals in bulk

2 - Preparing your account for bulk proposal creation

a) Import your clients if you haven't already. Click here for a step by step guide on how to do that. 

We will need at least 3 fields populated under your clients details in order for this process to work.

  • Client name

  • Contact name

  • Contact email address

Please ensure that you have all the data above up-to-date within your account!
If you have already imported all of your clients and simply need to bulk update some details, click here for a guide on how to do this.

b) Make sure your engagement letters and service library are all setup.

3 - Create your template proposal(s)

Create one or more "template" proposals that will have a set of services in them which you wish to apply to multiple clients. 

We'll use the template(s) to create a draft proposal for each client that is included in the bulk creation process. 

Tip: You can create a dummy client called  "Proposal Templates" in order to keep all of your proposal templates organized in one place! 

4 - Export your clients

Click on Clients, then click on Export (in the top right corner). The system will send you an email containing a CSV file with your clients details. 

Once ready, download the file. 

Then, copy the columns containing Client ID and Client Name to the bulk proposal creation CSV file (see next step)

5 - Add your data to the bulk proposal creation CSV file 

6 - Email us the completed CSV file 

Once you have added all of your data to the bulk proposal creation spreadsheet (CSV file), email it to Also within the same email, please let us know the email address associated with your Ignition account so we can process it for you! 

Our team will then action this in the next 1-2 business days.

Once we complete this, you'll be able to see all the proposals created in a Draft status in your account.

7 - Review and send your proposals 

The last step is to review and send your proposals. 

To review the draft proposals:

a) Navigate to the Proposals tab select Drafts

b) Bulk select a batch of draft proposals, or select them all if you prefer

c) Click on Bulk Actions Mark For Review

d) Review (and edit if needed) each proposal, clicking on Mark for Review as you go to move to the next proposal

To send the proposals:

a) Navigate to the Proposals tab select In Review
b) Bulk select the in review proposals

c) Click on Bulk Actions, and then select Send Selected

d) Review the summary information window

e) Click on Send Proposals (red button in the top right corner)

Do you have any questions about the bulk proposal creation process? 

Send us a message at, or use the bottom right hand corner widget to start a conversation!

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