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Create your own terms templates, or use our free template! Use our rich text editor to customize it till your heart's content.

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Ignition allows you to create multiple terms or terms templates.

You no longer have to manually edit your terms each time you create a proposal for client information! Ignition takes care of updating the client and service specific details for each engagement.

Getting Started

The terms template is where you will setup your contract terms and conditions. To customize this template we suggest you have a copy of your existing terms template/letter of engagement with you in a digital format.

If you don't have a set of terms already, we recommend reaching out to a lawyer, your professional association, or your professional indemnity insurance provider.

Navigate to Library โ†’ Terms. You will see your current Terms templates listed here.

Industry Standard Engagement Terms

If you are just starting, you will have one Template that's titled "Industry Standard Engagement Terms".

These are terms that we have created for you which have been legally-vetted. You can also modify it however you like but we strongly recommend that you review it first, edit any company specific information and get it reviewed by a legal professional.

Please note: You are accepting responsibility (and any associated risks) for using this template in your account. Ignition accepts no responsibility or liability for your use. We strongly recommend you double check with your lawyer, professional association, or indemnity insurance provider prior to engaging your clients with this template.

Creating a Terms Template

To add a new template navigate to Library โ†’ Terms and click New Terms Template.

You will be taken to the Template editor.

The first step is to name your terms template. This template name will not be visible to your clients. It's simply for your reference only.

Next, copy and paste your existing terms template/engagement letter into the content field.

Next, insert your placeholders. Placeholders act as merge fields, completely automating your terms template with all the important information you need to include. No need to find and replace! Click here to learn more.

Click Placeholders and select the placeholder you wish to use to insert it. You can also select the placeholder, and copy and paste this if you need to use it multiple times.

Using the Classic Proposal Editor?

If you are using the Classic Proposal Editor, the {{proposal_service.summary}} and {{proposal_price.summary}} are the two most important placeholders to include. This is your scope of work and payment schedule.ย 

Note: If you are not using the Classic Proposal Editor or don't know what this is, please ignore this.

Set or change the Default Terms Template

If you have several terms templates, you can elect to make one your default from the dropdown at the right of the Terms page. This terms template will then be selected by default on your proposals, but you can change this when you create a proposal on the Terms Tab of a new proposal.

Please note, you cannot archive/delete the default terms template unless you create another template to use as your default.

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