The Client Summary Tab

The Client Summary tab is where you can view and edit client details, and see a list of all proposals under a single client.

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The Client Summary gives you an overview of the client's contact and address details at a glance. It also gives you visibility over their proposals making it much easier to manage your engagements with them.

Contact details

You can locate your clients contact details on the right hand side of the page.On the bottom left of the section, you have the option to subscribe to alerts so you can get notifications from the client's proposals.

Note: This will only give you in-app notifications and not email notifications. Email notifications are sent to the client's partner. If there's no partner set, the email notifications are sent to the creator of the proposal.

On the left, you'll see a list of all the proposals against the client categorized into different statuses which include the ID, name, start and end date, and total value.

From this page, you can edit the client details by clicking on the Edit Client button at the top right hand corner.

For more information on clients, see our articles on Creating, Editing and Importing clients under the Client menu.

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