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We’ve recently rolled out a refresh to the Practice Ignition user interface. This update comes with a improvements that will give us a solid foundation for some exciting things to come in 2017.

What's changed?

Section Restructure

We’ve moved the following sections to provide a better, more logical experience:


Services has moved into Library


Templates has moved from Settings into Library


Apps now has its own top level menu item


Settings has been restructured into a more logical grouping


Payments settings can now be found under Payments > Settings


Proposal States

The proposal states Sent and Queued have been renamed to Awaiting Acceptance and In Review respectively.


Improved Onboarding Flow & Checklist

We've improved the onboarding flow with a checklist coupled with walkthroughs that will help new users setup their account and start igniting their practice.


Introducing Quick Add

Users can now create Clients, Proposals, Services, and Templates from anywhere in the app using Quick Add.


Custom Brand Colour

Previously, brand color is limited to the color palette that is automatically generated from your company logo. With this update, users can now use a custom colour by entering a custom HEX color value.


New Global Search

The global search has been moved to the top of the page. Results now includes Services as well.


Template Editor Layout Improvements

The template editor had a makeover! It now has a cleaner look plus a larger area to draft and edit templates. Placeholders also moved to a dropdown menu to improve usability. An overhaul is also planned for the template editor that will boast features such as formatting support.


UI enhancements and fixes

  • Most section headers fixed with consistent primary actions

  • Fixed the display of dashboard tooltips

  • Revenue Settings are now displayed in a consistent sliding drawer view

  • Moved the Rollover feature on the proposal lists page

  • Only show available on and fee information for in progress and completed payments

  • Archive engagement letter templates instead of deleting

  • Added Save & Add functionality to Services and Templates

  • More responsive styles

  • Added Service CSV export

What's Next?

There's a bunch of things we're working hard on delivering. In no particular order we'd like to share some areas where you should expect to see some improvements:

  • Support for dashboard segmenting and filtering

  • Sales funnel dashboard widget

  • Better payment controls (payment method selection at a proposal level and schedule when you want to collect)

  • Improved library content for templates and services

  • Integrations with Xero HQ & Karbon

  • Continuing to rollout payments in new regions

  • Refunds

Got questions? Feel free to drop us a message at We're more than happy to help!

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