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Batch Send Sales Transactions In QuickBooks
Batch Send Sales Transactions In QuickBooks
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Thank you and full credit goes to Rachel Fisch for contributing this article to Ignition's support desk. For QuickBooks questions or for more QuickBooks Tips and Tricks, please feel free to join their awesome QuickBooks HQ Facebook Group:

Below are steps on how to send your invoices, receive payments, estimates, credit memos, and receipts in bulk/batches using QuickBooks.

Note: Refund Receipt, Delayed Credit, and Delayed Charge do NOT have a SEND function.

Step 1:

Ensure you have your Sales Transaction (Invoice, Receive Payment, Estimate, Credit Memo or Sales Receipt) set to Send Later.

Step 2:

In the Navigation Bar on the left side, click on Transactions to expand then select Sales.

Step 3:

In the Sales Transaction screen, click the Filter button. Set the Delivery Method filter to the Send Later. You may also choose whichever other filters you'd like.

Step 4:

Click the Select All check box at the top of the check box column, OR select multiple transaction by clicking on the corresponding check boxes. Click the Batch Actions drop down arrow and select Send Transactions.

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