Pro-rata And Catch Up Payments
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There are instances where clients accept the proposal past the start of the engagement period which results in some billing periods being missed. Ignition allows you to bill these missed periods upon acceptance through the Pro-rata functionality. You will no longer have to deal with the computation since the app will do it for you - all at a click of a button!

Enabling Pro-rata

You can now enable Default Pro-rata to automatically choose recurring with Pro rata on recurring services in your proposals by going to Settings on the left panel and clicking on the General tab.

From here, click the toggle under Default Pro-rata.

Now when you create a new proposal and select a Recurring service, it will automatically show the Pro-rata settings.

In the pro-rata settings it will now show you the calculated Catch up payment - in this example, $1500, and two boxes below with the On Acceptance and a Discount amount.

This will also show the suggested amount based on the missed months. For example, if the client accepts a proposal in October and the start date is on July 1, the client will be billed for the missed months of July - October.

Editing either of these boxes will automatically re-calculate the other, so typing $500 into On Acceptance and pressing Enter will automatically change the Discount box to $1000.

To reset the amount back to the original amount, simply click on the original total in red.

Pro-Rata for Engagements Set in the Future

If you set your engagement period for the future, you can still enable pro-rata to build in an upfront cost which will generate an invoice as soon as the proposal is accepted.

Note: If the client accepts a month or more after the proposal is created, the pro-rata amount will keep updating each month based on the monthly recurring amount until the proposal has been accepted, so no need to worry if your client doesn't accept it straight away.

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