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Knowing when emails have been read
Knowing when emails have been read
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Using the Classic Proposal Editor: Track your email opens and follow up your sent proposals to make sure they get accepted on the Awaiting Acceptance screen in Ignition.

When an email is opened by a client, an envelope icon appears next to the client's proposal:

If there is no icon, that means we do not have a record of the email being opened, and therefore you may choose to re-send the proposal to the client or follow them up with a phone call to get them accepted.

You can also subscribe to notifications on email opens in your notification settings. Have a look at the notification setup article here.

You can easily resend the proposal by selecting the proposals you want to resend, then clicking the Bulk Actions button and clicking Send Selected.

You can also filter proposals by whether or not the emails have been opened by clicking on the Filter button, then selecting from the Email Opened by Client option.

How does Ignition know when an email has already been seen by the client?

Ignition sends emails with open tracking enabled. An invisible pixel is embedded into the email that allows Ignition to record information when the email is viewed. 

The email opened information is considered to be a good indication that a customer has opened the email but there are situations where this may not be 100% reliable. If the client views the email on an app that blocks images from loading, we can't track opens for those emails.

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