Managing Proposals For Groups
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Note: Client Groups are only available through an integration with Xero Practice Manager. Groups created in these applications, automatically populate in Ignition. They cannot be manually created. 

Setting Up Groups

The first thing you’ll need to do to set-up your groups is to create them in XPM. For a step-by-step guide, see here


XPM allows you to group clients by ownership, industry, location or other factors that suit your practice. In order to send group proposals through Ignition, you must group by ownership. If you have grouped by any other method (i.e business type or industry), contact your Account Manager ( before you initiate a group proposal. 

Once the group is created in XPM and you have assigned each entity to the group, you should be able to see the following: 

If this is a new group or you have just added your entities, you may need to re-sync your XPM account with Ignition in order for the data to pull through. To do this, navigate to Apps inside the Ignition app and click on Sync within the XPM tile. 

Once the sync is complete, check that each client has been assigned to the Group. To see this, navigate to the Clients and the Group name will appear next to each Client name. 

It's vital that you designate a Primary Contact for the group and ensure that the primary contact's email address correct - otherwise the proposal will not reach your client!

You can navigate to the Primary Contact's client record → Edit to correct their email address if required.

To manage or set the primary contact of the group, click into any client that is associated with the group and then click on the Client Group name. 

From here you can view and change the default email for the group. This is the email address that the new proposal email will be sent to for acceptance. 

Sending Proposals to a Group 

In order to send proposals as a group, you will need to create an individual proposal for each entity in the group.

This will then allow you to send using Group Mode, which notifies the Primary Contact for the Group with the links to accept each of the proposals.

Each contact will not be emailed with the initial new proposal notification. Also, Proposal Reminders will not be sent if multiple proposals are sent in group mode.

Note: If you want all the entities in the group to be invoiced through one entity rather than each individual entity, you will need to map each entity in Ignition to the group entity in Xero. See our article here on mapping entities.

Once you have created proposals for each desired entity, select them from the draft section. Click on Bulk Actions > Send Selected

At this point, a slider will appear from the right-hand side giving you the option to select the sending mode. Choosing Group Mode will send one email to the Primary Contact for the group with a link to all proposals 

When your client clicks on a proposal link, this will open up the client accept page for this proposal.

After accepting this proposal, they will be prompted to accept any other unaccepted proposals in the group.

If they accidentally exit this page, they can come back at any time by clicking on the links within the new proposal email.

If you would like individuals in the group to be invoiced as one, you can change this after a proposal has been accepted. However, any invoices already created will have to be manually changed in Xero. See our article here on mapping entities.

For information on creating proposals, click here.

For information on sending proposals for single entities, click here.

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