Bring your engagement letters and templates to life with our rich text editor.

Below you'll find different formatting techniques to give your templates that extra edge!

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The Editor

The editor is used to format your templates in Ignition.

You can compose your template under the Write tab, and then see how this looks like from a client perspective in the Preview tab.

Manage your formatting by clicking on the toolbar to change these elements:

  • Bold

  • Italics

  • Underline

  • Strikethrough

  • Text color

  • Highlight color

  • Hyperlink

  • Image

  • Alignment

  • Unordered List

  • Ordered List

  • Tables

  • Undo

  • Redo

  • Placeholders

You can delete/archive an existing template by clicking Archive.

Duplicate a template by clicking Duplicate.

Differences between toolbars

There is a small difference in functionality between the Terms, Services and Notifications toolbars.

The reason for the reduced functionality for Services and Notifications toolbars is to prevent any compromises to the final display output (i.e. your proposal).

If you need certain functionality for your business, please reach out to us with your use case at We'd love to research and understand your needs!

Inserting Images

You can upload an image to add to your templates if you wish.

You can either copy and paste it into your template directly or insert the image via URL through the image button in the toolbar.

Please note: If you are copying and pasting a URL, please ensure you copy the "http://" or "https://" in the link otherwise you may run into issues.

Select the image to manage your images alignment and click & drag the corners of the image if you need to resize.

Using Placeholders

You can make use of Placeholders to dynamically populate clients details in your templates.

When you use Placeholders, they will be clearly marked with a yellow background.

Click Placeholders to insert a particular placeholder you wish to use.

If your placeholder is not displaying correctly or is not working as expected, please follow these steps to troubleshoot.

Using the signature styling placeholder

If you wish to insert a signature style font, use this code below and change the text within the quotation marks (do not delete the quotation marks!)

{{ "Your Name" | signature }}

This will format the text within the quotation marks to appear like a signature or sign off to make your terms templates more professional.

See the GIF below as an example.

Alternatively, you can double click on the placeholder once inserted and change the text within the quotation marks (do not delete the quotation marks!)

Adding Comments (hiding text)

You can add comments that will not be rendered/displayed by wrapping text in

{% comment %} and {% endcomment %} tags.


{% comment %} This is a comment or note. This will not display to your clients {% endcomment %} 

Line and paragraph spacing

If you need to add a new paragraph, simply press Return/Enter on your keyboard.

If you need to add a blank line (a new line), simply press Shift + Return/Enter on your keyboard.

Horizontal Line / Divider

If you would like to use a horizontal line to to better segment or divide your terms template, you can type three dashes to create a horizontal line/divider.



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