On November 28th, 2016, we rolled out improvements to client payments. The improvements revolve around providing much greater controls for managing client payments, improved payment method visibility, removing the limitation of a client only having one payment method stored and providing flexibility around who is notified for bank account verification (USA only).

The changes also pave the way for future functionality, namely; refunds, group payments and client self service via the Practice Ignition portal.

What's Changing?

Clients can now have unlimited payment methods

Clients are no longer limited to one payment method being used for all proposals. Previously, clients were limited to one bank account and one credit card and a single payment method could only be used for proposals. With this update, multiple payment methods can now be stored and secure saved which provides clients flexibility with what payment method they wish to use on a proposal.

Proposals now use a specific payment method

With multiple payment methods, you can now use a specific payment method for a proposal. This is especially useful for clients that wants to use different credit cards or bank accounts for each proposal they have with you.

Before, if your client has both bank account and credit card details stored, you have no visibility on which payment method is used on the proposal page. Now, you can see which payment method is selected for a proposal. You can also easily switch which payment method is used, as well as add or delete them.

Bank account verification can be handled by the practice or the client (USA Only)

Practices can now more easily enter payment details for clients before sending proposals. If a ACH/bank account is entered within the app, the verification email will be sent to the practice instead of the client. This change makes it easier for practices to verify client's bank details if they already have the authority and access to their clients bank feed.

If the bank account is entered by the client through the Acceptance Page or the Client portal, the ACH verification email will still be sent to the client.

Improved the visibility of expired cards

Expired cards are now highlighted when managing your client's payment details. Expired cards cannot be selected as payment method, and can only be deleted. This will prevent payment failure due to expired cards being used on a proposal.

An added benefit with this changes is the detailed audit trails that is now present. We can easily identify which payment method was used for which transaction.

Improved payment filters

We've added a new proposal filter for payment filters. The 'Payments Enabled' filter has been removed and is replaced with "Payments". Previously, you can only filter proposals that have payments enabled. With this change, it is is now easier to see which proposals have payments enabled that uses a specific payment method, as well as proposals that doesn't have payments enabled.

Got questions? Feel free to drop us a message at help@practiceignition.com. We're more than happy to help!

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