If you only want your client to see the total monthly/on acceptance/on completion cost without seeing the itemised cost of each service on the proposal and invoices created through Practice Ignition, the best way to do this would be to use our Included Service feature.

So when you create your proposal, you will have one service that shows the full price, whatever your billing type (monthly/weekly/on acceptance/on completion), then all other services that you add in, you change to 'included services' and update the price of the service showing a price.

For example, here is a proposal where I've added in a range of different services and billing types:

I can see my total monthly recurring is $830, so I will make my Annual Engagement - Bronze $830, and change all other services to Included Service.

This way what the client sees, is that they have a bronze package for $830 per month, and all the services listed below are 'included' in that package.

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