Billing Type: Included Services

Provide your client with a service at no cost using the Included billing type

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Included Services allow you to add a service to a proposal with no price attached.

This is particularly useful if you have a package of services, but you don't want to show the individual price of each service, or you want to add a service to deploy a job template in XPM but don't need to show a price for it.

How Does Included Services Work?

If you wish to add an included service to a proposal, simply choose the service from your service list, then under billing type, choose Included Services:

Once the service is saved in the proposal, it will display as Included Services.

Client Acceptance Summary

The included services will display on the Service Summary page, but not on the Payment Schedule page. 

In the example below there is a 'Bronze Package' billed monthly recurring, and the services in that package are displayed within the Service Summary page but is omitted on the Payment Schedule page.

Job Deployment (Classic Proposal Editor)

If you have job templates from Xero Practice Manager attached to Included Services they will deploy as per normal. You may even have a job with all included services and no prices.

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