Filtering in the Pipeline Tab

Take control of your Pipeline views with ‘More Filters’!

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Quick filters give you a standard view of your pipeline, but there may be instances where you want to narrow these results even further, or create a completely custom view that makes sense for your processes.

Use the More Filters button to apply additional filters to help you hone in on more detail about what you want to filter for.

Filter Categories

There are a two different filter categories:

The tables below indicate what they are and how to use them.




Accepted at date

Date proposal is accepted
(e.g. 17/03/2024)

Are payments enabled

Were payments added to this proposal? (e.g. Yes/No)

Creation date

Date proposal is created

(e.g. 17/03/2024)


User who created the proposal
(e.g. Harry Potter)

Effective Start Date

Sets the contract effectiveness date
(e.g. 01/07/2024)

Expiry date

Sets the anniversary date at a service level (e.g. 30/06/2024)

Has been viewed by client

Date proposal viewed by client
(e.g. 30/06/2024)

Has moved to awaiting acceptance

If the proposal was moved to awaiting acceptance (e.g. Yes/No)

Is billing indefinitely

When there is more than one 'active' service originating from the proposal with indefinite billing (e.g. Yes/No)

Is payment required

Is payment required enabled

(e.g. Yes/No)

Lost at date

Date proposal was marked as lost
(e.g. 20/03/2024)

Minimum term

Used as an anniversary date

(e.g. 12 months)

Minimum value

Calculated value of fixed services across the minimum term (e.g. $1,000)

Number of active services

Number of services that are still active originating from a proposal

(e.g. Any numerical value 0-X)

Number of reminders sent

Number of reminders sent to client
(e.g. 1-3)

Payment type

Payment type enabled on proposal
(e.g. CC, DD or None)

Proposal Name

Free text up to 50 characters

(e.g Bookkeeping & Accounting)

Proposal reference

Unique reference for the practice used to identify proposals (e.g. PROP-4206)

Recent activity date

Proposal created, sent or accepted date (for Recent segment sort).

(e.g. 01/07/2024)

Sent by

User who sent the proposal
(e.g. Ronald Weasley)

Sent date

Date proposal is last sent to client
(e.g. 17/03/2024)

Service name

Services created in a Draft, Awaiting Acceptance, Accepted, Lost proposal (e.g. Accounting Services)


Status of the proposal (e.g. Draft, Awaiting Acceptance, Accepted, Completed, Lost)

Terms template

Name of Terms template used (e.g. Industry Standard Engagement Terms)

Viewed by client date

Date the proposal was viewed by the client (e.g. 17/03/2024)




Client group name

Group set at the client level from XPM client sync (e.g. Hogwarts)

Client name

Name of the client record

(e.g. Ollivanders)

Client tags

Free text fields used to group clients

(e.g. Seattle, Bookkeeper...etc)


User set as Client Manager

(e.g. Minerva McGonagall)


User set as Client Partner

(e.g. Albus Dumbledore)

Primary contact email

Email related to the primary contact of the proposal

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