Exporting your Pipeline results

Export your current Pipeline view for deeper reporting and analysis!

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If you want more detailed data your current pipeline view, you can export your pipeline results to a CSV file to dive into deeper reporting and analysis!

How to export your Pipeline

The Pipeline export will generate a CSV file based on the current filters applied in your view.

Simply apply any filter you wish and click Export when you are ready.

The CSV file will be automatically sent to your email.

Note: To export all results, ensure you select the quick filter "ALL".

Please note: If you need to export Classic Proposals, please navigate to the Proposals tab โ†’ Export. If you do not know what Classic Proposals are, please ignore this message.

Data included in the CSV export



Proposal Reference

Unique reference for the practice used to identify proposals

Proposal Name

Free text up to 50 characters

Proposal State

Status of the proposal

Client ID

Unique client id

Client Reference

Unique client reference for the practice

Client Name

Name of the client record

Primary Contact Email

Email related to the primary contact of the proposal

Contact Mobile

Default contact phone number

Group Name

Group set at the client level from XPM client sync

Proposal Created At

Date proposal is created

Effective Start Date

Sets the contract effectiveness date

Renewal Date

The anniversary date set by the minimum contract length

Proposal Last Sent At

Date proposal is last sent to client

Proposal Accepted At

Date proposal is accepted

Proposal Accepted By

Email of last signatory to sign proposal before acceptance

Acceptance IP Address

IP address of the user that has accepted the proposal

Client Partner

User set as Client Partner

Client Manager

User set as Client Manager

Minimum Term

The minimum term of the proposal, used as an anniversary date

Minimum Value (total)

Calculated value of fixed services across the minimum term

Minimum Value (automatic)

Calculated value of fixed services with automatic billing across the minimum term

Minimum Value (manual)

Calculated value of fixed services with manual billing across the minimum term

Payments enabled

Were payments added to this proposal?


Services created in a Draft, Awaiting Acceptance, Accepted, Lost proposal

Email template

Name of email template used

Terms Template

Name of Terms template used

Client Proposal View Link

Link which directs to the client portal

Proposal Link

Link which opens the proposal summary drawer

Indefinite billing

When there is more than one 'active' service originating from the proposal with indefinite billing

Client Tags

Free text fields used to group clients

Number of signatories

The number of signatories that need to sign in order for the proposal to be accepted

Proposal Created By

User who created the proposal

Proposal moved to awaiting acceptance

If the proposal was moved to awaiting acceptance

Proposal Sent By

User who sent the proposal

Proposal Sent Count

Number of times proposal sent to client

Reminder Sent Count

Number of reminders sent to client

Proposal Viewed by client at

Date the proposal was viewed by the client

Email Opened by client at

Date the email was last opened by the client

Proposal Marked as Lost At

Date proposal was marked as lost

Proposal Marked as Lost By

User who marked proposal as lost

Number of active services

Number of services that are still active originating from a proposal

Payment Required

Is payment required enabled

Payment Type

Payment type enabled on proposal

Accepted on behalf of the client

Was this proposal accepted on behalf of the client?

Accepted on behalf of the client by

User who accepted on behalf of client

Accepted on behalf of the client reason

Text reason why


Proposal contains options (Yes/No)

Options selected

The option that was accepted by the client (1 - 3)

Create Invoices

Is the create invoices toggle enabled at the client level

Overdue Manual Billing

Proposal with services where manual billing is overdue

Proposal Slug

Proposal slug used to identify the proposal

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