Saving Proposals

Proposals indicate whether or not it has been saved. Remember to add a client and click Save & close in order to save your progress!

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How to save a proposal

In order to save a draft proposal you're working on, you'll need to first assign a client to your proposal and then click Save & close.

Draft proposals will not be saved without an assigned client as the system needs to have a reference of which client to save the proposal under.

Remember to assign a client and click Save & close before closing the tab or navigating away from the proposal!

The next time you open the proposal, any changes you make will be automatically saved to ensure that you do not lose your work!

You can check by looking at the indicator in the proposal's header.

How to delete a proposal

If you are currently editing a proposal and want to delete it, you can click the dropdown button next to Save & close β†’ Delete to delete the proposal.

After confirming, your proposal will be deleted.

Alternatively you can also navigate to the specific client record β†’ Actions β†’ Delete.

Please note: There is no confirmation message with this method, so please only use when you are certain you want to delete the proposal!

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