Client Syncing between XPM and Gusto

Learn how client syncing works if you have both XPM and Gusto connected.

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Client syncing is the process of transferring client information from one application to another. Ignition will only allow you to sync data one way, but the syncing capabilities differ depending on what integrations that you have connected with Ignition.

When Ignition is connected to multiple apps, we will only allow you to sync information from one third-party app to protect the integrity and reliability of your client data.

As a result, there may be limitations in your client sync settings.

Xero Practice Manager (XPM)

Once Xero Practice Manager is enabled, clients can be created in either Ignition or XPM regardless of the Sync direction.

  • If clients are created in Ignition first, we will match them to an existing record based on the same name, or create a new client on the first workflow deployed.

  • If clients are created in XPM first, you can search and select from your Xero clients in the proposal editor.

With the XPM Client Sync, you can nominate the type of data and the direction of the sync.

If you are selecting to sync “From Xero Practice Manager”, you cannot nominate another third-party app to sync data from.


If you are connected to Gusto, we only support syncing client data “From Gusto” which means I cannot select my sync direction as “From Xero Practice Manager” unless I change my Sync Data type to “Nothing” for either app.

The recommendation to keep all three apps aligned is to set the following preferences:


  • Sync Data = Everything

  • Sync Direction = From Gusto

Xero Practice Manager

  • Sync Data = Everything

  • Sync Direction = To Xero Practice Manager


The Gusto integration, when connected, will sync data one way from Gusto to Ignition only, on a daily basis.

It is not currently possible for Ignition to send updates back to Gusto.

This means we suggest making any client changes in Gusto and avoid changing any client details in Ignition as they will be overwritten by the sync, unless “Nothing” is selected under your client sync settings.

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