Zapier: ActiveCampaign with Ignition

Learn how to automatically add clients to Ignition when they hit a certain deal stage and how to update deals when the proposal is accepted.

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Disclaimer: If you want to replicate the below zaps, you’ll need a paid version of Zapier so that you can use multi-step zaps.

Are you using ActiveCampaign to manage your sales leads and win more business?

Use the zaps below to integrate ActiveCampaign and Ignition to streamline your sales process and make data flow seamlessly between the two apps.

These zaps will save you time by:

  • Automatically sending client data into Ignition

  • Automatically updating the deal status in ActiveCampaign when a deal is won

This means you, your team and your data will always be up to date across all sales and new client data.

Creating a client in Ignition when a deal hits a designated stage in ActiveCampaign

This zap helps save time when a deal hits a certain stage in your sales pipeline, rather than manually adding the client to ​​Ignition you can create the new client automatically.

Click on the image below to get started with our pre-made Zapier template!

This zap uses a filter to only create the client in Ignition when the deal is in the correct stage.

You can configure this filter to match whatever deal stage name you want to use from your account:

Video tutorial (2 mins)

Update deal as “closed-won” in ActiveCampaign when the proposal is accepted in Ignition

This zap will keep you and your sales team up to date by automatically updating deals as “closed-won” in ActiveCampaign any time a client accepts their proposal in Ignition.

Click on the image below to get started with our pre-made Zapier template!

Video tutorial (3 mins)

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