Following Up On A Sent Proposal

Learn the best approach to getting your proposals accepted

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So you’ve met with a potential client, you’ve put together a proposal in Ignition and you’ve sent it to the client. That’s fantastic!

But wait - it’s been a week and the client hasn’t yet accepted your proposal! How should you approach the client to urge them to sign?

Whether you want to follow up automatically, or follow up with a more personal touch, let’s look at the ways Ignition helps you with following up sent proposals to seal those deals.

Check the proposal status

Ignition gives you visibility to the status of each proposal, so you always know exactly which ones you need to act on.

First, click Proposals, then Awaiting Acceptance. This filters your proposals to those you should follow up on. From here, you have three options:

Option 1: Use Automatic Proposal Reminders

To save you some time following up with clients who have proposals that are waiting to be accepted, Ignition can automatically send reminder emails.

How do I enable proposal reminders?

Visit General Settings to enable to proposal reminders.

In the Proposal Reminders section, you can choose how long to wait before the first reminder is sent, and then how many reminder emails in total to send.

Once you're happy with the settings, click "Update Settings" in the top right to save them.

The content of the reminder email is the same as email that clients receive when they're sent a new proposal.

However, the subject line is updated. For example:

Reminder: ACME Advisors has sent you a proposal for Bob's Bakery

Option 2: Start a Conversation

For a more personal touch, we recommend using the Conversation option.

Click through to a proposal, then click to the Conversation tab:

Type in your personalised message, and click Post Message. Your client will receive an email advising them that you have commented on a proposal with a link to view the client acceptance page:

This is an effective way of following up as your client will be able to view and accept your proposal just above your message, and are encouraged to submit any questions via the acceptance page.

Option 3: Bulk re-send

You can very quickly select all proposals awaiting acceptance and re-send them. Use the select all tick box, or select individual proposals by ticking the box next to them.

A Bulk Actions drop down will appear at the top of the screen. Choosing Re-send Selected will simply re-send the selected proposals, and your clients will receive them in their inbox.

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