Pricing Page Settings
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The right-hand side of the page shows you a dynamic preview of the proposal that will change depending on the options that you choose in the proposal.

Show price per service

Enable this setting to show line item prices for each service on the client acceptance page. Use this if you want to show how services contribute to a total price.

Show one-off and deposit services as "Billed on completion"

Enable this setting to show all one-time and deposit services as on completion (this excludes any on-acceptance services).

This is turned ON as default to ensure that your client doesn't see specific dates for one-time billings.

From an admin perspective, these dates will still be used to remind you when clients are due for billing.

Show the minimum price to pay over the contract period

When enabled, your clients will see the minimum value of the proposal over the term of the engagement.

If you would like to preview this from the client's perspective, simply click Preview in the top right-hand corner.

This opens up a new page where you can see the proposal exactly as is from your client's perspective!

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