Does Ignition Send Invoices To Clients?
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Yes! Ignition can send invoices and payment receipts to your clients automatically. Check out this article to learn more about client invoice and payment notifications.

You can also send invoices in bulk through your accounting app. This will be very useful when invoices are starting to pile up and will be a pain to send them out one by one.

For Xero Users

  1. Login to Xero

  2. Go to Accounts > invoices then whatever your default invoice state is (Draft/Awaiting Approval/Awaiting Payment), 

  3. Select all the invoices you want to send, then click the Email button.

For QuickBooks Users

If you are using our Ignition payments feature, we recommend sending the invoices out AFTER they have been paid and reconciled through Ignition so your client doesn't get confused and think they still need to pay the invoice.

If you are using services that are billed on a monthly recurring basis, you will only need to do this once a month after your default recurring invoice date.

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