Rollout: Send instant bills from Ignition

Need to invoice & collect payment for ad hoc services or out-of-scope work? Create an instant bill in Ignition to be sent to your client!

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Instantly create and send an invoice to a client without the need to create a proposal.

With instant bill, you can bill clients for one-off or recurring services that are ad hoc and automatically collect payment - meaning you can get paid faster.

Manage all of your billing and invoicing within Ignition, saving you time and giving you a holistic view of your business revenue in one single platform.

Let's learn how to create an instant bill in Ignition!

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What can you create with an instant bill

Instant bill is a feature in Ignition where you can instantly create and send an invoice to a client without the need for your client to sign a proposal. As part of the instant bill, you can choose to notify your client of the newly added service, attach an existing payment method and service billed for effect immediately or arrange the payment method manually.

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