Import services from your connected ledger

Instantly import your services from Xero or QuickBooks to kick-start creating proposals and collecting payments in Ignition!

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With Service Import, effortlessly bring your existing services from Xero or QuickBooks into Ignition to kick-start your client engagements. You can use this feature to build and customize your Ignition service library to use for proposal creation.

The Service Import feature can work alongside the Invoice Import feature to achieve efficient setup and get your first proposal out the door in minutes - leading to more efficiency, revenue, and profits.

Let's learn to import services from a connected ledger, either Xero or QuickBooks!

Interactive demo

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How to import services from a connected ledger

To begin, you'll need to set up your ledger connection in Ignition in the Apps tab. This will allow Ignition to automate your invoicing, charge your clients tax, give you access to your client list and repeating invoices from within Ignition.

Once your ledger is connected, you can start importing services into your service library in Ignition.

1. Navigate to the Services tab → click Import → click Import from connected ledger.

2. The Import screen will list all your services in your connected ledger.

Select the services that you'd like to import to the Ignition service library.

You can search for specific service names and filter for failed imports.

When you are ready, click Import to add these services to your Ignition service library.

3. When ready, click into the notification in the bottom left corner to view a filter list of all the services that have been imported from your connected ledger.

4. From this view, click on any of the services to make any changes you like. We recommend reviewing the services and their mandatory fields (Service Name, Service Description and Price) before you use them to create proposals.

  • Service name pulls from the Name field in the connected ledger

    • For Xero, if there’s no name then we pull through the code

  • Service description pulls from the line item description

  • If no price, $0 and you can adjust the price as needed

  • The default tax rate will used, if not supplied

Now, you're all set to start creating and sending proposals to your clients!

Syncing of data

The service data is one way from QuickBooks or Xoer to Ignition only, on a daily basis. It is not currently possible for Ignition to send updates to services back to QuickBooks or Xero.

If you have updated any service details in QuickBooks or Xero and would like to sync the changes to Ignition immediately, navigate to the Apps page → QuickBooks or Xero tile → click Sync.

Import errors

Once a service is imported into Ignition, it will disappear from the Import screen. However, sometimes some errors cause a failure in importing.

If this happens, apply the Import Failed - Yes filter in the Import screen. Hover over the Import failed text to see the error reason.

Error reasons

  • Unable to import - Try to import the service again or reach out to our Support team for further assistance.

  • Service name must be less than 100 characters - Go into your ledger → shorten the Service Name → try to import the service again.

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