Connecting To Karbon

How to connect Ignition and Karbon. Learn how to assign Karbon work templates to Ignition services!

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Please note: The Karbon integration is a premium workflow integration and is only available on our Pro and Pro+ plans. If you are on our Core plan or a legacy plan, you will need to upgrade your plan before being able to connect Karbon. Contact our support team if you need help upgrading your account.

Getting started

Before you begin, please make sure you are on a supported plan (Pro or Pro+) and you have your Ignition API key handy. Your API key can be found within your Karbon Settings → Connected Apps

We also highly recommend that you have created all your Karbon workflow templates for your Ignition services within Karbon before connecting the two Apps.

Step 1: Connecting Karbon

  1. Within Ignition navigate to the Apps section

  2. Click on the Karbon app tile (only available on Pro or Pro+ plans)

  3. Within the Karbon settings drawer, enter your API key

  4.  Click 'Connect your account'

Please note: This will establish a connection to Karbon and import your work templates. The integration is not enabled at this stage and the service linking (below) still needs to be completed. 

Step 2: Linking your services (Service Mapping)

Linking your Services to Work Templates allows us to create the relevant work item each time a client accepts a proposal. 

After completing the above connection step, click the Work Templates card to begin linking your services.

Your existing Services are shown on the left and your imported Karbon Work Templates are on the right in the dropdown menus. 

Simply select one or more work templates for each corresponding service.

Note: You can assign multiple work templates to a single service! If you offer packages (e.g. Basic, Premium, Deluxe) this is an efficient way to ensure that your work templates are mapped and deployed correctly.

To add more than one work template, click the dropdown icon again and select another template to add.

You can leave some services with no associated Work Template, but please note that these services will not create a Karbon work item when selected in a proposal.

When you are done, click Confirm Settings.  

Step 3: Enabling Karbon Integration

Once you've connected and linked your services, you're ready to enable the integration. Click on Enable Karbon and the integration will be turned on. 

From this point forward each time a proposal is accepted, the corresponding work will be created within Karbon.

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