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Tracking all historical collections for a client
Tracking all historical collections for a client

Every client contains a history of all payments collected from all active and completed proposals.

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The Clients tab is the best place to view all historical collections for a single client. Navigate to Clients → Invoices tab to view a list of historical invoices and payment collections that has been actioned by Ignition. 

This view is especially helpful if you are looking for a collection from a client with lots of historical Ignition proposals or multiple active proposals. 

To navigate to this view, you can either search the client name in the search bar or click through to the Clients tab and click into the specific client there.

Once you’ve found your client. Click into the Invoices tab.

The primary section of the screen will show you a list of all the invoices generated for this client. You can see whether or not payments were collected on that specific invoice by the green payment collection indicator attached to the invoice.

If you click on a specific invoice, a slider will appear which will show you:

  • The Payment method

  • The approximate availability date

  • The payment reference ID

  • The fee for this collection

  • The summary of the invoice (including quantity, price, any discounts and tax)

  • Activity history for the invoice and payment collection. 

On the right side of the Payments tab, you can see the payment method(s) your client has provided to you via Ignition. You can also request payment details from your client via email or by sharing a link to the Client Portal where they can input their details. You can find more information on how to request payment details here.

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