Next, click on Settings on the left-hand side menu. This will take you straight in to your general settings.

We'll run through the different sections below.

Company Information

Ensure the general details around your company are accurate.

Recurring Invoices

The default day of the month / week that recurring invoices are sent to clients.

Best practice: 1st of the month / Monday so you get paid in advance.

Proposal Settings

Default Pro-rata will control whether, by default, you'd like PI to back date & catchup payments due between the start date of a proposal and the date that client accepts.

Best practice: ON. This ensures that you are collecting payments in case a client is late to accept a proposal.

Default Proposal Start Date

Best practice: The first day of your financial year.

Display Contracted Period and Value to Client shows the total amount a client will pay over the duration of an engagement.

Best practice: OFF as a larger number can be off-putting to clients.

Acceptance Email Notification is an email address to receive notification when a client accepts a proposal.

Best practice: Add a generic accounts@ or admin@ email, practice manager or director/CEO depending on the size of your business.

PDF Page Size is the size of pages in the PDF generated of proposals.

Best practice: A4 for ease of printing

Proposal Reminders

These enable Practice Ignition to automatically send reminders to clients if they haven't accepted a proposal.

You can control here how many, and how regularly, these are sent.

Best practice: 3 reminders, 3 days apart to ensure clients don't lose engagement and that you stay relevant but not too pushy.

Client Notifications

If you are using PI payments, these settings control whether PI will send invoices and/or receipt emails to clients for payment on their invoices.

Best practice: Turn only Invoice Notifications on if you plan on collecting payments immediately. Otherwise, turn on both to ensure clients are notified when an invoice is raised and when the payment will be collected.

Here is what the Invoice Notification emails will look like to your client.

And now it's time to get you paid! Lets now setup PI Payments.

Setup 3: The Payment Gateway (2 mins)

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