Once your account settings are ready, all you need to do before you can start using Ignition is get your templates into the software.

We'll start with Services, which are the unique services that you offer to your clients.

You can access this by going to Library on the left-hand menu.

You now have 3 options for adding services in here, depending on which of these best describes your situation:

1) You are an accountant or bookkeeper and don't currently have a defined list of services

If this is the case then you can use Ignition's industry-standard list of 49 services as a framework to create your own.

Click on the Example Services button to import our list.

Once you've imported this, feel free to edit these to your own liking and preferences!

2) You have, or will create, a spreadsheet of your services

Click the Import button.

In the slider that appears, you will be able to import your spreadsheet of services via our CSV template.

Please ensure that you format your services prior to importing them.

Click here for some detailed information on how to do this!

3) You wish to create your services within Ignition

In this case, you can click into the (Sample) services already populated in your account and edit these. Or, you can use them as a framework.

You can also click on the New Service button at the top right to create new ones.

Once you've got your service library framework into Ignition you'll then just need to review them and they're good to go!

Library 2: Reviewing your Services (2 mins per service)

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