The more work you initially put into creating a tailored service library, the more you will benefit from Ignition in the long term.

Services that require minimal modifications at the proposal level allow you and your team to build proposals faster, keep your prices consistent and provide the granularity you need for segmentation and reporting.

To tailor your services, first click on the service with in the 'Library' of 'Services' on the left-hand menu. You'll then be greeted with a series of fields that will allow you to customise each service further.

Service Name is the name which by the service will show up on both proposals & invoices.

Service Description is where you will outline the deliverables of the service for the client. You can also adjust this when creating a proposal for a client and the changes will only appear for that proposal.

Default Billing Type governs how this service will typically be billed.

  • On Acceptance (Upfront)

  • On Completion of the work

  • Recurring (monthly or weekly cost)

  • Estimated price (at a price range or unit rate).

This can also be customised per proposal.

Price is, funnily enough, the standard price for this service. All prices in Ignition you enter here will be exclusive of tax.

Some Ignition customers will use these as fixed prices, and others will opt for an average price and then customise them per proposal.

Tax Rate controls the tax Ignition will charge your clients for this service.

Account is the chart of accounts category applied to this service, to assist in revenue tracking within your connected ledger.

You can also click on 'Service Terms', above the Service Name. This is where you can define service-specific terms and conditions. These can be dynamically included in your engagement letter template that appears in your terms and conditions only when this service is selected.

Once you've finished editing a service, remember to click Save Service at the top right and move on to the next.

After you've finished reviewing your services, it's time to get your letter of engagement template ready!

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