Templates 4: Reviewing your terms templates (10 mins)

Ensure your terms templates are ready to be used for client proposals.

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With your terms templates in Ignition, the next step is to review so you're confident of the contents.

Please bear in mind: these are intended to be a single template, customized per client with the placeholders, and as such when reviewing we'd strongly recommend doing so with a mindset of standardization.

Firstly, ensure you understand what placeholders do, and which are available.

Secondly give a little thought to formatting. Ignition supports basic formatting to provide some customization to your templates.

Once you're ready to start reviewing, we'd suggest doing so in the Preview tab. This will pre-fill placeholders with sample data from your account (should the relevant data exist) and use the formatting.

Now, simply read through the contents and when any changes need to be made just jump into the Write tab to edit the text.

Done! Now one final step before everything is ready to start sending proposals from Ignition.

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