Templates 6b: Using Workflow Integrations - Karbon (10 mins per service)

Adding Karbon workflow automation in to Ignition

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As the final piece to Ignition account setup & customisation we'll come back to the integrations. Specifically, Karbon.

Integrating Karbon provides another powerful time-saving automation benefit to Ignition, however, this will also be the most time-costly part of the account setup.

The first thing to do with the Ignition & Karbon integration is to get an understanding of how the task deployment works. Here's an overview created by our Head of Product.


Connecting to Karbon

Once you're comfortable with how this works, go to Apps on the left-hand menu and integrate Ignition with your Karbon account.

Then create a Work Template in Karbon for each service that requires tasks to be completed as part of it.

Next, head back to the Apps tab on the left-hand menu and click on the Karbon tile β†’ Work Templates.

On this screen, you'll be able to see a list of all the current service templates in Ignition.

Select the specific Karbon Work Templates that you would like to apply to each specific service and remember to click Confirm Settings when you are finished.

And now you're done. Your account is fully set up and it's time to start creating & sending proposals to clients!

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