How Do I Add, Remove, Or Change A Service In An Active Proposal?

Making changes to a proposal is easy with the built-in adjustment process.

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Please note: The process below is for those proposals created using the Classic Proposal Editor. Please see here for information regarding the New Proposal Editor.

Times of uncertainty means that things will have to change. As a professional service provider, you may need to change the engagement you have in place with your clients. As a user of Ignition, we’d like to share with you some ideas about how you can help your clients right now (and how to make those changes quickly and easily in your Ignition account). 

If you have a few clients that you’d like to make some proposal adjustments to (e.g. adding a service, removing a service or even changing prices on a service), you can do this by adjusting a proposal if they currently have a proposal which is Active within your Ignition account.

Note: Keep in mind that you can only adjust a proposal that has an active recurring service or an uninvoiced service. You will not be able to adjust proposals that only has On Acceptance services or a proposal that has finished deploying all invoices.

How to adjust a proposal

To make changes to a proposal, head into the specific active proposal within Ignition and click the orange ‘Adjust Proposal’ button.

This will create a child proposal - essentially, a duplicate proposal where you can make changes to, that is linked to the original. 

Then, apply the desired changes to your engagement. Once you’re done, remember to Save the proposal by pressing the Adjust Proposal button.

Once the proposal is created, you have the option to Mark For Review, Send to Client or Accept on Client's Behalf.

Note: Best practice is to send it to your client for them to review and accept. This ensures that you retain an audit trail in the proposal’s History tab.

Sending to clients

If you are sending this newly adjusted proposal to your clients by clicking the Send to Client button, your clients will then receive a new proposal email with a link to click through and accept the proposal (as per the normal standard workflow). Once this is accepted, the previous parent proposal will automatically be completed.

If however this is time-sensitive or you’d like to make this as smooth as possible for your client, you can Accept on Client’s Behalf. 

Accepting on clients behalf

Note: We strongly suggest that if you want to proceed with this method, communicate with your clients early and get their explicit permission to make these changes. Your client will not receive an acceptance notification if the proposal has been accepted on their behalf.

Once you accept the proposal on behalf of your client, the proposal will change to an Active state and the previous parent proposal will automatically be completed. If you are using Ignition payments and were collecting payments, you’ll need to enable payments manually on this proposal.

Next, head into the Invoices & Payments tab on the proposal and click on Enable Payments.

Then, select the specific payment method and click Save.

And you’re done! Ensure that you communicate to your client that this change has been made.


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