Editing active services

Need to change the price or scope of a service? Simply edit the service and then choose if you want to notify your client!

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With service edits, you can now easily make adjustments to active services after a proposal has been accepted including attributes such as the description, price, quantity, billing details and more.

Ignition can notify your client about what has changed so both you and your client are always on the same page. The service edits feature is available for proposals created using the New Proposal Editor only.

Let's learn how to make service edits!

Interactive demo

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What can you change with Service Edits

Service edits allow you to make modifications to active services on an accepted proposal without requiring a new proposal to be sent to your client and a signature to be collected. As part of the modification, you can choose to notify your client of the adjustment and have the change come into effect immediately.

The audit trail of the modified service and the billing schedule will be updated to reflect the modifications made so you can easily keep track of historical changes. Edited services will not be updated on their original proposal. The modified services will be used when creating renewals in Ignition.

Get paid for all the work you do by easily making changes to services when needed and provide clients with a better experience by adjusting the scope if their needs change during the engagement term.

Attributes that can be edited on active services on an accepted proposal are:

  • Service

  • Description

  • Price type

  • Value/price

  • Quantity

  • Tax rate

  • Xero Sales account

  • Billing mode (One-time or Recurring)

  • Billing date or frequency

  • Billing end date (includes indefinite billing)

How to edit an active service on an accepted proposal

Services can be viewed under a client’s file in Ignition. To edit an active service, click on the Clients tab and find the client with whom you would like to make changes to their services.

Click on their Services tab to see a full list of their active services. Select the service you would like to edit and click Edit. Here you can modify attributes such as the details, price and billing.

Last, under the Options section enable the Email client toggle if you want to notify your client about the change or keep it off for no email notification to be sent.

If you choose to send an email notification, remember to add in email recipients, an email subject and your message. Then click Review Changes.

Now, review the changes you’ve made to the service in the Summary of Changes section, review the email notification in the Notification section, add a reason in the Reason for Change field and review the updated Schedule.

When you are ready to confirm the change, click Save Changes. The edited service has now been saved.

Your client's experience

Give clients greater clarity and confidence by notifying them of small adjustments to the agreement without the hassle of signing a whole new proposal.

As part of the service edits workflow, you will decide if you would like to send your client an email notification from Ignition about the modifications that have been made to their service. The email notification is fully customizable to allow you to provide clarity and transparency about upcoming changes.

Indicators in the Service’s Schedule

If the price of a service has been modified, click into the active service → Schedule to see a full list of all billing items for the service and see the change reflected in the schedule.

Indicators in the Service’s Activity

Details of the modifications made to the service will be reflected in the audit trail. Click into the active serviceActivity for the edits made, the reason and record of the email notification being sent and reviewed by your client.

Common Scenarios

Find out how to use Service Edits to modify active services on accepted proposals:

Scenario 1

The scope has changed during the engagement and I need to adjust the monthly package that the client is on to better match their needs.

Scenario 2

I made an error on the proposal that has been accepted by my client and I want to correct the error without sending a new proposal. The cost of Xero subscriptions has gone up, and I need to revise the monthly fee of the "Subscriptions" service for some of my clients.

Scenario 3

My client has called me and explained that they would like to be charged quarterly instead of monthly due to cash flow problems. I need to update the billing frequency of their services and notify them once done.


Can I make bulk edits to active services using the Service Edits feature?

No, the Service Edits feature allows you to make adjustments to one service at a time. If you are looking to make bulk price adjustments or renewals of your active engagements, check out our Renewing clients in bulk workflow in Ignition!

Can I edit an already edited service?

Yes, you can follow the same steps to edit a service again. Do note the service edit changes do take effect immediately.

Why can’t I edit a service?

A service can’t be edited if its billing is complete or if the service isn’t yet active because this proposal it’s on hasn’t been accepted by the client yet.

Will making adjustments to an active service affect my XPM or Karbon job deployment?

No, service edits don’t affect XPM or Karbon job deployment from Ignition at all. See this XPM article, and this Karbon article for more information about their respective job deployments.

How do I use this feature if a service is connected to Gusto via smart billing?

If the service is connected to Gusto via smart billing, the service can not be edited in Ignition. In this case, you will need to:

  1. End the current service in Ignition

  2. Create a new proposal

  3. Link the service in the newly created proposal to Gusto to enable smart billing

  4. Accept the proposal on behalf of the client

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