Allocating invoices to existing XPM jobs

Learn about how to make sure your WIP is allocated to your existing XPM jobs.

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When using Ignition with the Xero ledger and Xero Practice Manager, invoices will be generated in your Xero file and automatically synced across to the jobs deployed from your proposals for the WIP washup process.

If you’re new to Ignition but an existing XPM user, you may have open client jobs in your practice management file that already have healthy data you don’t want to lose.

To ensure you can retain these existing jobs, we can make a few adjustments so your invoices allocate correctly.

How invoices allocate from Ignition proposals to XPM jobs

When building a proposal in the New Proposal Editor, you have the ability to nominate billings at either a client level or a proposal level.

When choosing client level, it means all invoices raised for that client will have the same reference number whereas proposal level grouping will produce a reference number unique to that proposal.

If we were to deploy the job from Ignition into XPM, these reference numbers would also be populated on the jobs' Client Order Number so the Xero invoices can be allocated as negative WIP to their respective job

How to allocate existing invoices correctly (creating mapping)

In order to have invoices from your newly created proposals allocated to your existing jobs you will need to add either the client reference number (CLI-XXX) or the proposal reference number (PROP-XXX) to the Client order number field in the XPM job information.

You can find a client’s unique (CLI-XXX) reference number under the client record.

The proposal reference number (PROP-XXX) is referenced on the saved proposal under the summary tab of the client's record.

Once you have located the client reference number or proposal reference number, edit the Reference field in the Xero invoice prior to the overnight Xero → XPM import.

Invoices created from Instant Bill

By default, Instant Bills will have a client reference number (CLI-XXXX) which will appear in the Reference field of Xero invoices.

If you wish to change this, edit the Reference field in the Xero invoice prior to the overnight Xero → XPM import.

Note: We are exploring additional options for nominating a reference on an Instant Bill to help you control how your invoice will be allocated in XPM.

Recurring jobs

If your job is set up to recur on a regular basis, the client order number will need to be updated each time the job recurs in XPM to ensure future invoices continue to sync to the latest edition of the job. If you have multiple recurring jobs per client, this can become time-consuming.

To avoid manual editing, we recommend creating a recurring job within the Workflow tab of the client record in Ignition and nominating this to be either the client billing job or the proposal billing job moving forward.

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