How Do I Create Package Proposals with the Classic Proposal Editor

How to create repeatable templates for packages of services (and save yourself a bit of time in the process)

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Please note: If you are using our New Proposal Editor check out this article to see how you can create package Proposals as Custom Proposal Templates.

If you offer packages of services to your clients, there are a couple of ways you could approach adding them to a proposal.  

Here’s our take on the best way to approach putting together packages of services. The end result will be a well laid-out and repeatable template that will save you a bit of time.

When building a package in Ignition, best practice (with one exception that we’ll cover below) is to add each service that you will be offering to your client as an individual service when creating a proposal, rather than creating a single service for each package you offer.

This will allow for greater flexibility when tailoring packages for specific clients, and, if you have terms and conditions for individual services in a package, will ensure that the engagement letter that Ignition produces is tailored to the services provided. It also allows you to track revenue as seen in your Services panel, too.

At the end of the day, it will also produce a better-looking, more robust proposal, which is a nice bonus. 

You can create packages using the steps below:

1. Create a basic service in your service library with the name of your package.

If you offer a series of packages (for instance, Bronze, Silver, and Gold), add a service to your library for each. Set the default billing type to be an Included Service.

The goal here isn’t to list out everything that the package includes, but instead, to provide a brief description of the package indicating that the included services will be listed below.  

We’ll add each individual service included in the package underneath this service when building the proposal itself, which brings us to step 2.

2. Create a template proposal for each package

Create a new proposal with a name like “Silver Package Template,” and assign it to a test client (you should have one in your account already called Space Ranger). In the Services tab, add the service with the name of your package, and then add each individual service below.

Save the proposal as a draft, and voila! You now have a repeatable package template. 

3. Duplicate, duplicate, duplicate

Once you’ve created a template for each of the packages you offer, you can now create a proposal for any prospective clients in a matter of seconds by opening up your template, and selecting Duplicate from the Actions menu.  

If you need to tailor the package for an individual client, simply add or remove services to the copy as needed. 

The one exception

The one situation in which you’ll find it’s preferable to create a single service for your packaged services is when using our Web Connector feature to display your service packages on your website.  

Note: You can use the Web Connector feature if you are subscribed to a Professional or Scale plan.

If you’re using the Web Connector, you’ll want to create a version of each packaged service (Bronze, Silver, Gold) in your service library whose description contains each service that’s being offered. 

For this version, ensure you set a price for this service as this will be client facing. We suggest using our Recurring billing type if you have a set price, otherwise you can use the Estimate billing type.

From there, your clients will be able to select any of your packages directly from your website, and add on any additional services they’d like to receive. 

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