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PDF Presentation in the New Proposal Editor
PDF Presentation in the New Proposal Editor

New Proposal PDF's are now compliant and reflect the entire proposal acceptance flow! Learn more inside.

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We have changed the way that we generate the PDF version of your proposals!

PDF versions of your proposals will now reflect the entire proposal acceptance flow - allowing for a much more accurate reflection of the web experience for your client.

The PDF will now include:

  • Personalised message

  • Services

  • Pricing

  • Payment authority

  • Terms and service terms

  • Audit trail of acceptance

  • Signature information

Please note that have deprecated some placeholders previously available for Terms Templates as the elements are already included as a part of our new PDF by default.

To view how your terms will appear on the proposal, you can now view this directly in a New Proposal by going to the Terms section of that proposal.

What does the PDF look like to a client?

If your proposal is in a Draft or Awaiting Acceptance status, you can click into the Client view β†’ Sign step β†’ View PDF to preview the PDF version of the proposal.

If you click into an Accepted proposal in your client list, you will be able to click the View PDF button to preview the PDF version.

Below is an example of a proposal's PDF.

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