STP, TPAR & BAS Authority Templates

Here are some service, terms and email templates that you can use when you are creating STP, TPAR & BAS Authority proposals!

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If you (and your client) are required to sign declarations of authority to act and/or lodge, you can use Ignition to automate this!

We've created some STP, TPAR & BAS templates for you below to copy and paste across in your own Ignition accounts.

Setting up your authorities in Ignition

Watch the video (12 min) for a step by step guide on how to set up your authorities in your Ignition account. Click the video comments to jump to a section,

Please note that the authority templates have client information included in the templates that will be populated by placeholders, such as company structure, address, and phone number.

These details will need to be added to the client record within Ignition in order for the placeholders to pull through and populate the authorisation template with information.

Provided you've followed the setup instructions above, you should not need to make any formatting changes EXCEPT for adding your name, company ABN, BAS agent number, phone number & address.

Please feel free to change the content of the authorisation if you prefer different wording or your association has different requirements.

We've included the following service, terms and email templates below (click on these links to view navigate the relevant templates!)

Service Templates

Click the link below and click File β†’ Download β†’ CSV file to import the authorities directly into your Service Library. Click here to learn how to import service templates.

Terms Templates

Click on your desired template and simply copy and paste the content to a new Terms Template in your own Ignition account.

Email Notification Templates

Click on your desired template and simply copy and paste the content to a new Terms Template in your own Ignition account.

Intro Message Templates

Please ensure that you review these templates as some require your ABN to be inserted. Remember to highlight all of the text in the template documents and copy them across and ensure all yellow highlighted fields wrapped in β€œ< >” are updated with the required information.

You can head over to your services tab, terms tab, email notifications and message templates tab to add these new templates in.

If you need help setting up these templates or you'd like help in bulk creating your authority proposals to send to your entire client base, please email, reference this article and your CSM or Account Manager will be glad to assist.

Please note: You are accepting responsibility (and any associated risks) for using these templates in your account. We strongly recommend you double check with your professional association or indemnity insurance provider prior to engaging your clients with these templates.

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