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The Invoices Tab

Learn about the new Billing Schedule and how to view a client's past invoices!

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When you click into a client in Ignition, there are two tabs - the Billing Schedule and Invoices tab.

The Invoices tab is where you can view the past billing of that specific client.

This is where you can perform actions like:

  • Viewing invoice history & breakdown

  • Re-create invoices in your connected ledger

  • Schedule payment collection for past invoices

  • Reschedule or cancel future payment collection for invoices

  • Manage rejected payments

Re-creating invoices in your ledger

If you'd like to re-create the invoice in your ledger simply click into the specific invoice → click the three dots → Create in Xero/Quickbooks.

Schedule payment collection for past invoices

If you have a past invoice that you would like to collect on, simply click into the specific invoice → Schedule Payment button.

A pop up will appear providing you the option of collecting immediately or scheduling the collection to occur at a future date.

Once you are done, press the orange Collect button to confirm your action.

Managing Rejected Payments

If the system has determined that there was a rejected payment, it will display in your Payments → Collections → Rejected tab as well as displaying in the Invoices & Payments tab where the failed collection is highlighted in red.

You and your client will also receive an email notifying you of this and your client can then follow the steps to retry the failed payment themselves.

If a payment has failed on a particular invoice and you have communicated with your client that you will be trying again, you can click into the specific invoice and click Reschedule collection.

View full invoice history and breakdown

We can click into a specific invoice to see the full history and breakdown of the billing items, prices and the date in which it was invoiced.

You can also view the Activity log on the specific invoice and see information about payment collections and payment receipts.

Now that you're accustomed to the Invoices & Payments tab, we encourage you to read more about the Billing Schedule tab and also how to invoice a client in the new system!

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