A new client list and new filters

You may have already noticed your new client list!

We've created this new view for your convenience. You can now easily filter through the different client statuses on the left hand side.

  • Lead = Client has not accepted any proposals

  • Active = Client has an active proposal

  • Inactive = Had previously accepted a proposal that is now complete

You can now also filter your clients with proposal statuses. By clicking on a proposal status filter, your client list will automatically show which of those clients have proposals in a Draft, Awaiting Acceptance or Lost status - useful for identifying and chasing clients that haven't accepted yet.

In addition, we've also added a Manual Billing filter which will identify which of your clients have overdue billing and billing due in the next week or month period.

Learn more about Manual Billing here!

If you would like to drill down and view a client's list of proposals, you can click into a specific client in the list.

You will then be directed to the Summary tab for that client which contains a list of all their proposals.

Saved Client Segments

You can also view your clients segmented by Proposal status and Manual Billing Due dates.

The Proposal segments allow you to view all clients with a proposal in these states:

  • Drafting

  • Awaiting Acceptance

  • Lost

To view clients with an active proposal, click the Active client status filter.

The Manual Billing segments allow you to view all clients with outstanding manual billings - on completion or variable/estimate prices - that are due within certain timeframes.

Please note: We are continually making improvements to our New Proposal Editor over time. If you would like to suggest additional filtering features, please start a conversation in the bottom-right hand corner widget on this page, or alternatively email us at help@practiceignition.com with what you'd like to see and your use case!

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