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How to build Out of Scope billing into a proposal
How to build Out of Scope billing into a proposal

Learn how to build out of scope billing into your proposals to clearly define your engagement and protect yourself from scope creep!

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Out of Scope billing is a great way to clearly define the boundaries of work between you and your clients in addition to protecting yourself from scope creep.

Let's jump in and see how you can build this in the proposal editor.

Please note: You can also use Instant Bill for any ad hoc billing or when you need to invoice for out of scope work!

Video Tutorial (3 mins)

Building Out of Scope services in a proposal

If you would like to build a proposal that includes Out of Scope billing, simply add a service to your service library called Out of Scope Services that's billed at $0.

Then, add it to the most regular recurring billing group on your proposal.

This will display to the client as a standard $0 charge, unless there is out of scope work - in which case you will communicate and bill them when necessary.

Proceed to finish building the proposal and send it for your clients to accept.

Billing Out of Scope Services

Once your client has accepted the proposal, you now have the ability to bill for any Out of Scope Services when it occurs.

We strongly recommend communicating any additional charges early and clearly to your client before you charge them.

To do this, click into your client's Billing Schedule tab.

Then, click into the most recent billing item in the Billed Automatically section.

From here, you can edit the price of the Out of Scope Service and add any comments in the notes field so it is as clear as possible for your client when they are invoiced.

Press Review and Confirm and then Confirm and schedule once you are finished!

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