In the Classic Proposal Editor, you may be familiar with the process of enabling proposals or changing payment methods on the actual proposal itself.

For proposals created in the New Proposal Editor, there is a slightly different process.

Managing payments for clients

Instead of managing payment methods at a proposal level, you will be managing payments at the client level within the Services tab and the Billing Schedule tab.

On the Billing Schedule tab, there is a Payments methods section where you can:

  • Add new payment methods manually

  • Change the payment method to be billed

  • Delete a payment method

  • Request from clients by sharing a link where they can add their own payment method

In the Services tab, you can click into a specific service to change the payment method for a single service if you wish.

Please note that if you change the payment method for a singular service, it will be invoiced separately from the other active services. Only billing items that have the same payment method and same date can be combined into a single invoice.

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