Occasionally, a client may wish to change their payment method if you are using Ignition Payments to collect for their generated invoices.

Whatever the reason may be, this is very easy to do in Ignition!

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Manually adding new payment details

If your client has provided their new payment details, you can add their payment method in manually.

Navigate to any client and the Payment methods section will show in the Summary tab and the Billing Schedule tab.

Here, you will be able to enter and save either Direct Debit (if available in your region) or Credit Card details.

It's crucial to remember to update your payment methods accordingly once the new payment details have been registered.

Sending a payment portal link to clients

Alternatively, you can have your clients enter in their payment details on their own through the Client Portal.

To access the Client Portal, navigate to a specific client → + Add Payment Method → click Request from client → click View payment request link.

To share this link with your client, click Copy and send it to them.

Please note that if you send your client this link, they will be able to enter in both credit card and direct debit details. If you prefer your clients to only enter in direct debit details, ensure that you advise them of this in the same message when you are sending them the portal link.

Press Copy to copy this link to your clipboard. From there you can paste it into an email or text it to your client!

The form looks like this below from a client's perspective. They will also be able to see any previous payment details and they can click the three dots to delete them if they wish.

Payment retry email

If your clients payment method has failed, they will receive an automated email from Ignition notifying them of this.

Your client can then click View payment details to navigate to a page allowing them to add new payment details and use the new method instead.

Managing and changing client payment methods

You will be able to see what payment methods are currently being used in the Payments section within a client’s Summary tab or Billing Schedule tab.

The active payment methods are indicated by a blue In Use badge.

If a client wishes to update their payment details (e.g. an expiring credit card or a new bank account), you will first need to capture their new payment details by either adding it manually or sending the payment portal link.

Once this has been completed, you will need to ensure you change their selected payment method to the new method.

To do this, click Edit.

For Step 1, select the new payment method.

For Step 2, select where you’d like to use the newly selected payment method.

You have two options - Use for all future invoices or Switch from another payment method.

Use for all future invoices

This will apply the selected payment method to ALL future invoices (i.e. all items in the client's Billing Schedule)

Switch from another payment method

Before proceeding with this option, you will have to select which payment method you’d like to switch from.

Once you are happy, remember to click Confirm to save the payment method changes!

Pro tip: If your client needs to update their credit card details, use this method to update their payment information!

Changing specific payment methods on your proposals

If you or your client would like to change payment methods for certain services or certain proposals (instead of all future invoices), follow these steps below depending on which proposal editing experience you are using!


Navigate to the specific proposals that you need to update → Enable/Manage Payments → Select the new payment details as the preferred method.


Navigate to the specific client in Ignition → Services tab → Manage (Payment Method section) → Select the new payment details as the preferred method.

Remember to update ALL the services that need to be on the new payment method!

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