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Request payment methods in bulk

Making it easy to get paid by all of your clients with Ignition’s new payment method requests feature.

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With Ignition’s new payment method requests, you can now easily send requests to clients to collect their payment details securely. Make it convenient for your clients to pay you and save time with billing, collection and reconciling payments.

Payment method requests can be sent to any client or multiple clients at once. Ignition will send a branded email that directs the client to a customer-branded portal to provide their payment details. You will then be able to use that payment method to collect for current and future active services.

Use this feature when:

  • You have accepted proposals in Ignition but are not using payments for some or all clients yet. This lets you move onto Ignition payments without going sending a new proposal, or waiting for your next proposal renewal.

  • You want to collect payment details in advance of engaging clients for the first time. This will help customers be more confident to require payment when sending proposals and could speed up and simplify the engagement process.

🚀 To use this feature, you will need to set up Ignition Payments. For more information, see Setting up Ignition Payments.

Video tutorial

Interactive demo

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How to send request payment method notifications in bulk

The Clients tab provides a list view of all your clients in Ignition with a Payments Methods column to quickly see if there are payment methods on file and what types.

Easily identify which clients you don’t have a payment method for with the new Payment Method filter in the Clients list. To see a filtered list of clients without payment details in Ignition, click More filters → select Payment Methods → select the type or None.

Efficiently request payment methods with your own branded portal from multiple customers at once.

To send a request payment method notification, in the Clients tab select client(s) → click Request payment method → customize the payment settings and message → click Preview to view a preview of the client email → click Send request to send the notification to the selected client(s).

Payment settings

  • Payment methods: Control what type of payment methods you will be accepting.

  • Use new payment method for all future invoices: The newly added payment method will replace any payment methods already applied to future invoices. This toggle does not support services generated from Classic Proposals Editor.

How to send a request payment method notification to an individual client

Send individual payment method requests to your clients within their client file in Ignition.

To send an individual request payment method notification, in the Clients tab select the client → click + Add Payment Method in the Summary or Billing Schedule tab → click Request from client → customize the payment settings and message → click Preview to view a preview of the client email → click Send request to send the notification to the client.

Your client's experience

As part of the Request Payment Method workflow, an email notification will be sent to your clients. The email notification includes a link to the add payment details and a message that is fully customizable to allow you to provide clarity and transparency in your voice.

Your clients will click the link and be taken to the client portal where they can add their payment details.

Note: Clients that are sent a request for payment details will receive 3 email reminders, with 3 days between each reminder. These reminders will automatically stop when the client provides new payment details.

Track your sent requests

Status in the Clients tab

Keep track of your requests sent in the Clients tab. Under the Payment Method column in the Clients tab will indicate the status of the request:

  • Request sending..

  • Request sent

  • Request failed to send

To see a filtered list of clients that have been sent payment method requests, apply the Payment Method Requested filter to your client list.

Migrate client payments to Ignition in bulk

If you are using a different payments system and want to move to Ignition payments, please follow this step by step guide page for more detailed instructions!

When you use Ignition payments you'll save time billing, collection and reconciling payments. You also make it convenient for your clients to pay. Additionally, you'll have access to an accurate business dashboard that has all of your data in one place to make better business decisions!


What email or contact is the request sent to?

The default contact and their email address will be the recipient of the Payment Method Request email notification. If a contact is selected where an email address is missing, it will be skipped and no notification will be sent.

What is the limit of clients that can be selected at a time?

At least one client must be selected. There is no limit to the number of clients that can be selected and have requests sent to at one time.

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