Payouts account verification

Before you can receive funds from your clients via Ignition, you'll need to verify the bank account you want your funds deposited to.

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When you enable Payments for your practice, you will need to verify the identity of someone from your business who will act as your Company Representative before you are able to receive funds.

Note: Account verification is applicable for all regions in which Ignition payments operate - though requirements may differ for each region.

Know Your Customer

Every country has its own set of rules about paying out funds to individuals and businesses. These are typically known as “Know Your Customer” regulations or KYC. These regulations broadly require two things: collecting information, and verifying the information is accurate.

Under normal situations, the information we require upfront should be enough to verify an account but for a variety of reasons, additional information can be requested to complete the verification process and to confirm your identity.

Requests for additional information may also be made as you process larger volumes of payments through Ignition.

Information we may ask for

When you first get started with payments you will first be asked for the:

  • Entity type - selections will be based on region

  • Company information (unless an individual entity type is selected)

  • Full legal name of a company representative

  • Date of birth of a company representative

If we cannot verify you or your company with the details provided, or you are processing high transaction volumes, we may also ask you for documentary proof of identity of the company representative (such as a passport). This will need to be a high-resolution colour copy in PNG or JPG format.

What will happen if you don't provide information?

If you do not enter this information within 7 days or $2000 worth of charges (whichever comes first), we will temporarily pause all transactions until we have that information. If after 21 days we still do not have the information, we will not be able to process your payments and will need to discuss alternative solutions.

Who can see this information and how is it stored?

Ignition does not store any of the information provided, it is passed securely to our partners for verification at the exact time you submit it.

Changing your company representative

If you need to change your Company Representative, please contact our support team at You may be required to provide documentary proof of identity of the new company representative at the same time as changing their details.

Changing your payout account details

If you need to change your payout l account details, please contact our support team at Please note that additional information may be required and payouts may be paused until your account is fully verified.

Re-verification can take up to 4 business days.

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