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The Payments Panel provides instant visibility over the payments that have been collected and are expected to be collected for the current financial period. The panel displays actuals (already collected amounts) as well as accurate forecasted amounts for future collections.

Understanding The Graph

The payments graph plots the disbursed amounts (payments you have received) as well as scheduled collections based on your accepted proposals.

Each month is broken down into Debit (ACH in some regions) and Credit payments with Debits shown in light green and credit card payments shown in a darker green.

Hovering over a month will display a more detailed tooltip with breakdowns and more detailed totals.

Payment Metrics

The following key metrics are displayed in the panel:

Projected Total - This is a project sum of all the collected (and disbursed) payments + the sum of all the scheduled payments for the current financial year.

Collected - This is a sum of all the collected (and disbursed) payments to date for the current financial year.

Volume This Month - The total payment volume collected or expected to be collected in the current calendar month.

Volume Next Month - The total payment volume expected to be collected in the next calendar month. For example if the current month is July, then this shows the payment volume expected in August.

Clients Enabled - This includes a count of clients billed this financial year, and the percentage of those which also had payments collected.

Rejected Payments - A count of the rejected payments with a sum of all the amounts. Clicking on rejected payments deep links you into the Rejected Payment list where the payments can be retried.

Verifying Payments (USA Only) - This includes a count and sum total of all the clients that are still awaiting ACH verification. A more detailed list and breakdown can be viewed by clicking on this metric.

Expiring Cards - A count and sum total of the client that have an expiring credit card in the next 30 days.

Click on this metric to see the clients with expiring credit cards.

Unbilled Projections

When you hover over a certain month, the system will display actuals as well as forecasted amounts for future payment collections.

If you would like to dive deeper and get more specific data on the unbilled projects that have yet to be collected, you can do this by using the Services Export.

Make sure you set your Date Range and select Client Report Type.

Unbilled Total (Column L) plus Billing Strategy (Column N) will show you what needs to be billed manually.

You can then jump into the specific client's Billing Schedule tab and then proceed to invoice them.

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