Searching in Ignition
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Ignition makes it easy for you to search an item in-app. Simply start typing in the keywords on the Global Search Bar located on the top most portion of the page, and it will show all Proposals, Clients and Services that match.

You can also search within the Client or Pipeline pages so you can narrow it down within the category.

Global Search Bar

The Global Search Bar on the topmost portion of the page allows you to search for any Proposals or Services by name.

After typing in the keyword, just press enter on your keyboard and the search results will appear below the search bar. You can then click on these entries to go straight to the record.

Searching within Clients

You can also use the search function within the Clients tab. Just type in the Client's name or group name and hit enter.

Searching within Pipeline

The Pipeline tab provides a list view of all proposals created from the New Proposal Editor, with the ability to filter your results so that you can focus on taking critical actions to keep your pipeline moving.

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