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Gain greater visibility of your proposals across all clients with our new centralized pipeline views.

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The Pipeline Tab is where you can view a list of the proposals you have created. You can also create renewal proposals and send proposals in bulk here, too.

Gain deeper insights by applying various filters to this list as well as export filtered data for an in-depth analysis to see what's in your pipeline.

Tracking your pipeline is an effective way to provide your team with a clear view of how your proposals are moving through particular stages in the engagement process.

Our pipeline views can help you organize, prioritize and most importantly take the right action on your proposals so that you can win more deals and better manage the client experience.

Interactive demonstration

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Pipeline & Classic Proposals

Note: If you are using the Classic proposal editor, the Proposals table can now be found in Pipeline → Classic Proposals. Learn more about Classic Proposals here.

If you have used classic proposals before in Ignition then you will see two different tabs - Pipeline and Classic Proposals. Clicking on Pipeline will show proposals created in the New Proposal Editor, whilst clicking on Classic will show proposals created in the Classic Proposal Editor.

If you have never used the Classic Proposal Editor, then the Classic Proposals tab will not appear.

How to use Pipeline

The Pipeline tab provides a list view of all proposals created from the New Proposal Editor, with the ability to filter your results so that you can focus on taking critical actions to keep your pipeline moving.

Pipeline is made up of four core components:

  1. Quick filters

  2. More filters

  3. Table

  4. Export

Quick filters

Quick filters are common stages Ignition has identified in the engagement process. These are predefined views which apply a saved set of filters. They are:

  • Draft: Shows all your draft proposals

  • Awaiting Acceptance: Shows all your proposals in awaiting acceptance that have either been sent to the client, or moved internally.

  • Viewed: Shows all your proposals in awaiting acceptance where the proposal has been viewed by the client.

  • Ending Soon: Shows all your proposals in the active quick filter, where the end date is in the next 90 days.

  • Completed: Shows all your proposals that do not have any more active services originating from the proposal.

  • All: All gives you a complete look of all your engagements, sorted by the most recent activity.

More Filters

To give you more control and granularity, use ‘More Filters’ to select additional attributes to filter by. Or, create your own views according to what matters to you!

Pipeline table

The Pipeline table allows you to organize, sort and select your results by the following attributes:

  • Client Name

  • Proposal Name

  • Status

  • Eff. Start (Effective Start Date)

  • Recent Activity*

  • Value (Minimum Value)

*The Recent Activity column will show the most relevant date according to the proposal status:

  • Draft = Date Created

  • Awaiting Acceptance = Date Sent or Moved to awaiting acceptance

  • Accepted = Date Accepted

  • Lost = Date marked as lost

Quick Actions

Make quick actions directly from the Pipeline using the (⋮) button at the end of the table. The list of actions will depend on the status of the proposal.


If you wish to export your filtered results, you can click Export to generate a CSV file of your current filter (your current pipeline view) that will be delivered to your email.


You can select multiple proposals from the pipeline and create renewal proposals in the Pipeline tab. To create renewal proposals in bulk, select all the proposals you wish to renew by selecting the proposals using the checkmark box on the left → Renew.

Bulk send

Use the Send feature in the Pipeline tab to select proposals and send them to your clients at once outside of the New Proposal Editor. Streamline your renewal process and follow-up workflow for yet-to-be-accepted proposals with the ability to bulk-send proposals from Ignition.

Common Scenarios

Find out how to use the Pipeline tab to help manage your pipeline:

Scenario 1

I want to see all my sent proposals where all automatic reminders have been sent* so that I can personally follow up with these clients.

*Note this example assumes the account has 3 reminders. Learn about how to set up automatic proposal reminders.

Scenario 2

I want to see all my proposals that were sent in the last 30 days so that I can resend or revoke them.

Note: This is a relative date, meaning the results you receive will be relative to that specific point in time you apply this filter.

Scenario 3

I want to see proposals that were accepted in the last 7 days with credit card payments.

Note: This is a relative date, meaning the results you receive will be relative to that specific point in time you apply this filter.

Scenario 4

I want to see all the drafted proposals where I am the Partner so that I can review and send them to the client.

Sharing & Saving Views

One of the best things about using Pipeline filters is that you can save or share your views, which saves you from having to recreate the same filters every time you want to access this information.

All you need to do is bookmark the URL in your browser, and you will be able to return to the same set of filters that were applied. Similarly, you can copy the URL and share with colleagues so they can also access this view.

Future developments

Please note that this is the first of many developments in order to provide more visibility into your proposals and the rich data that derives from them.

This starting foundation of visibility and filters leads the way for future developments like bulk actions and other use cases like identifying proposals that require more specific actions (manual billing items...etc).

If you have a specific use case or a suggestion that you would like us to consider, please reach out to us at and one of our Product Managers may reach out to you!

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