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Send proposals in bulk

Learn how to bulk send draft proposals from the Pipeline tab. Streamline your yearly renewal and your follow-up process!

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The Send feature in the Pipeline tab allows you to select proposals and send them to your clients at once outside of the New Proposal Editor.

Streamline your renewal process and follow-up workflow for yet to be accepted proposals with the ability to bulk-send proposals from Ignition.

Interactive demo

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How to send proposals in bulk

Please note: Proposals with catch-up periods can't be sent using the bulk send feature. Send these proposals individually in the last step of the New Proposal Editor.

To bulk send proposals, first navigate to your Pipeline tab and create a filter for Draft or Awaiting Acceptance proposals.

This provides a filtered view of all the proposals that you can send in bulk.

To send proposals in bulk, select all the proposals you wish to send out to your clients by selecting the checkmark boxes on the left โ†’ Send.

If you have accidentally selected proposals that are in the Accepted, Completed or Lost status, the system will skip these.

Complete the bulk send of proposals by confirming and clicking Send. Proposals will be sent to your clients and will be moved to the Awaiting Acceptance status.

Re-send proposals in Awaiting Acceptance

Use the bulk send feature to follow up with clients with proposals in Awaiting Acceptance who haven't accepted yet. If you have reminders turned on in Ignition and the proposal has reached its maximum reminders sent, you can use the bulk send feature to follow up and this will restart the reminder timeline again.

Use the filters in the Pipeline tab to filter proposals that have maxed out their reminders and are Awaiting Acceptance status. Use the following filters:

  • Status: Awaiting Acceptance

  • Number of reminders sent: greater than 3

  • Has been viewed by client: Yes

What happens after you send proposals?

After you sent proposals in the Pipeline tab, proposals will move from Draft to Awaiting Acceptance and your client will receive an email notification with a link to view and accept the proposal. If the proposal was already in Awaiting Acceptance, the status will remain the same but the proposal reminders timeline will re-start.

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