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Learn how to create a draft renewal proposal that’s linked to an existing one. Streamline your yearly renewals process!

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Importance of renewals

Renewals are an important part of the client lifecycle and present an opportunity to review your current agreements and expand the services that are being offered to your existing client base.

This is a chance for you to upsell and cross sell different services whilst you review your client's scope of work for the coming year.

Ignition makes this easy by providing the ability to create these renewal proposals from proposals that have been Accepted or those which are Complete.

What is a renewal proposal?

A renewal is a new draft proposal that’s created from an existing and accepted one. It uses all the information from the existing proposal and helps you transition and update your service offering.

All aspects and fields in a renewal can be updated, except the client.

Please note: Proposal templates cannot be used with a renewal proposal. If you select a template whilst editing a renewal, a new proposal will be created.

Video Tutorial (5 mins)

How do I create a renewal?

Please note: Proposals need to have been accepted for them to be renewed. This means that you can only create renewals from proposals that have been Accepted or Complete.

You can renew an individual proposal directly from the proposal drawer or select multiple proposals from the pipeline.

If you renew an individual proposal, you will be directed straight to the proposal editor.

If you wish to renew multiple proposals, you will need to navigate to your Pipeline tab to do this.

Renewing proposals in bulk

If you wish to renew more than 5 proposals, we suggest renewing in bulk.

To renew multiple proposals, first navigate to your Pipeline tab and create a filter for Accepted or Completed proposals.

This provides a filtered view of all the proposals that you can renew.

To create renewal proposals in bulk, select all the proposals you wish to renew by selecting the proposals using the checkmark box on the left → Renew.

If you have accidentally selected proposals that are in Draft, Awaiting acceptance or Lost, the system will skip these.

When your renewals have been created, a notification box will appear in the bottom left hand corner of your screen prompting you to view those newly created renewal proposals.

It can take some time to complete if you're renewing many proposals. You can navigate to other areas of Ignition in the meantime whilst you are waiting.

Click the notification when the system is done and you will be brought to a list of all your proposals that you can preview, edit and send.

Editing a renewal proposal

When a renewal is created, you can edit most of the elements on the proposal.

The below section describes how the renewal proposal is created and how it is linked to the previous proposal.


  • The proposal name will have a prefix - ‘Renewal of’ (original proposal name). The proposal name may get cut if it doesn’t fit within the character limit.

  • The client will be set and cannot be changed, but it’s possible to edit the client’s details.

  • Any contacts that were signatories on the existing agreement will be listed as signatories in this proposal, unless they have been deleted.

  • Proposal starts on a specific date, one day after the minimum contract term of the existing agreement.


  • Only services from the existing agreement will be renewed. They will be based on your current agreed services. This means that if you have made any edits to these services (i.e changed the price) then the most current version will be created in the draft renewal.

  • Projects will be copied into the renewal proposal.

  • If you have renewed a proposal that originally contained proposal options, we will only renew the services from the option that was selected and accepted.

Service billing rules

This section explains how the system will create services on the proposal across the different billing rules.

This isn't critical to know but feel free to read in more detail.

Pro-tip: We recommend keeping your services starting on a specific date to prevent any double billing.

Recurring service examples

Services that have had a last bill date before the proposal start date:

  • The renewal service will start on or after the renewal proposal starts.


Existing service

Billing Monthly on the 15th

Last billing date: 15th December 2022


Proposal start date: 1 January 2023

Billing rule start date: 15 January 2024

Services that have had a last bill date after the proposal start date:

  • The renewal service will start after the last bill date (i.e. it will simply continue billing smoothly)


Existing service

Billing Monthly on the 15th

Last billing date: 15th April 2023


Proposal start date: 1 January 2023

Billing rule start date: 15 May 2023

One-off service examples

  • The renewal service will use the day and month from the original start date.


Existing service


Last bill: 15th March 2023


Proposal start date: 1 July 2023

Billing rule date: 15 March 2024

Deposit service examples

  • The renewal service will use on-acceptance for schedule one, and specific date (i.e. end of contract period) for schedule two

Adding Options

You can duplicate an option or add a new option to your proposal.

If you want the to keep the same services across the different options, we recommend using the ‘Duplicate option’ feature.

Duplicating an option

When duplicating an option, renewal services in each duplicated option will maintain their link with the existing service in the original proposal (you will see this linked upcoming service in your client's Services tab when the renewal is accepted.)

Adding a new option

When adding a new option, services will not be linked to the existing service in the original proposal. It will simply be added as a new service.

However, if the new option is selected the system will still line up the billing from the existing services and the new services that were accepted to avoid double billing.


Payment settings will be maintained from the original proposal.


The system will use the same terms template as used in the original proposal. If any edits have been made to the template, they will be reflected in the renewal.


Workflows will be built on the creation of the renewal, using the original settings and structure from the existing proposal. This includes XPM and Karbon.

Recurring settings (XPM)

If the workflow starts on on-acceptance or proposal start, we will maintain the start date. If the recurring setting starts on specific date, we will default to on-acceptance.


The system will carry over the same presentation settings as the existing proposal.

Sending a renewal

If services from the existing proposal have ongoing billing (i.e. billing with no end), when the proposal is sent, the system will schedule the billing to stop before the renewal start date so there is no overlap in billing.

If the renewal is accepted after the proposal’s start date, there may be a gap in billing. However, any catch-up periods will be billed when the proposal is accepted.

If services from the existing proposal are not recurring, we will not make any changes to the billing schedule.

To send renewals in bulk, in the Pipeline tab → select the proposals you would like to send out → click Send → confirm by clicking Send in a popup.

What happens after your client accepts the renewal?

Once your renewal has been accepted, your renewal services will be displayed in your client’s Services tab.

If the renewal was accepted before the proposal start date, the service will be connected to the existing service and note that it’s starting soon. Starting soon services will have billing items created on the renewal proposal start date.

You can also view the schedule of the original service and price for context by clicking into the service.

If the proposal was accepted after the service start date, it will be created in the client services section as normal.

Ending services that have been renewed

If you want to end a service that has been renewed, ending the service will end the current billing and anything in future that is starting soon.


Once the renewal proposal has started, the renewal tag will no longer be visible against the accepted proposal.

Once all renewed services have started, the original proposal will move into a completed state automatically.

Renewing clients that have multiple proposals

If you have multiple proposals for a single client and wish to combine them into one renewal proposal, see this article to learn more.

This process via CSV will create a singular renewal proposal with all of a client's active services even if they have come from separate proposals.


What happens to the current billing on an existing service with no end?

When the renewal proposal is sent or moved to awaiting acceptance, we will update your billing schedule automatically so any billing items scheduled after your renewal date will be paused and removed from your billing schedule.

Once the renewal proposal is accepted, the billing items will regenerate according to the new billing schedule.

What happens if my renewal isn’t accepted?

If the client has trouble accepting the proposal and has given their permission to, you can accept the proposal on the client's behalf.

Can I bulk send my renewal proposals?

Yes, you can! Navigate to your Pipeline tab and create a filter for Draft or Awaiting Acceptance proposals. Then, select all the proposals you wish to send out to your clients by selecting the proposals using the checkmark box on the left → Send.

What happens if I end an ending soon or a starting soon service?

If you end an ending soon or a starting soon service, it will end both the current active service as well as the linked service that is starting soon.

Can I edit an upcoming service?

It’s not possible to edit an upcoming service until it starts and becomes active.

If you have found that you have made a mistake and need to start again, you will need to end the service and recreate the renewal proposal with the correct adjustments.

If you do end a service, note that it will also end the currently active service.

Can I renew an already renewed proposal?

You can renew an already renewed proposal as long as the proposal is in an Accepted or Completed state.

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